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At Panda Picture Films, we help you portrait your family and friendly memory in the form of still photography and fluent videography. Our studio based in Brisbane will help you create images that recite your story over time



Our portrait photographers will work to create a unique experience that you can treasure for your old age. With our classic, fresh, and strategic approach, we will love to create photojournalistic wedding photography so that you can capture your special moments from start to finish. We love meeting and interacting with new people and enjoy welcoming back our past friends and clients. We hope you are going to make the best decision by contacting us. We hope to see you soon.

Our latest works

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Why Choose Us

We have mentioned the top 5 reasons to hire us.

1. Certified Professionals

We are a group of professionals who had passed a rigorous exam and portfolio evaluation. This is proof that we had practiced strong technical abilities and we are trained to meet a standard of excellence in photography. We can capture excellent images under any condition.

2. Consistency

We not just capture snapshots but also develop quality images under any circumstance. Every time we use our CPPs to achieve great results. This is why we are consistent with our service.

3. Technical Skills

CPPs are more than picture takers. We consider all the factors that contribute towards constructing your memory and help you look your best. We can ensure that our knowledge of fashion and interior design will fit your unique style.

4. Unique Artistry

We possess a unique skill set that can be brought into the field to create unique, customized works of art. We follow an artistic vision. You will feel proud to hang the images that we had captured.

5. Friendly Behavior

The moment you hire us, we develop a bond of togetherness. Brisbane Portrait Photographers will walk the extra mile to deliver the best possible images. Our client’s satisfaction is prime to us and we work hard to fulfil the click that you had once dreamt of.

Frequently asked questions

1. What to Bring For the Photoshoot?

You can bring your favourite outfit for individual portraits. In general, 3-4 sets of clothes with accessories like shoes, watches, belts, will do the work. Avoid loose to baggy clothing and add a pair of long sleeves and jeans/pants. Matching clothes for the group takes will work well.

2. How Long Will The Shoot Take?

3-4 hours will be more than enough for the session.

3. How Should I Prepare?

Avoid using make-up and hair products. Moisturizer is fine but not mascara. Make sure that you are well-groomed before the appointment. Your nails must not have leftover stains or you can freshly paint them.

4. Are Digital Copies Available?

Yes, the copies are available online.

5. Can we customize the Shoot?

Definitely Yes. At the time of booking, you can discuss your vision for the shoot. This will save you time and the work will get over in the stipulated period. In case you wish to recreate any image that you had seen in the past, please bring it with you so it will be easy to recreate it. Portrait photography Brisbane will draw out the best recreational snap possible.