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Our Wedding  Video photography team has excellent photography skills. We also have a very rich variety of photography equipment that can provide you with an excellent shooting experience in different scenes.



At Panda Picture Films, we offer you both photography and wedding videography services. You can look around the entire town and will still find us creative and authentic. We are dedicated to our service and have the required skills and qualifications to bring the best out of blues.

Our professional photographers focus on capturing emotions and personalities. Our videos reflect a balanced blend of modern trends and traditional touch that enhances the viewer’s emotion to flow out freely. We will never let you sacrifice your precious moments with friends and family. So, without any delay, contact us today.

Our latest works

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Why Choose Us

1. Professionalism

With our experience, we can easily recognize a great shot coming. We will capture the great moment that you can visualize whenever you want to. The wedding is a special day for both bride and groom along with their friends and family. So, we give our best to the needs of everyone present at the event.

2. Cooperative

We have years of experience and are intimately familiar with the shooting styles. We believe in teamwork and organically complement other’s work. Every time we attended a ceremony, we had learnt new things and this also made us flexible. We cooperate and coordinate with the organizers to make it special for them.

3. Fast and Secure Turnaround

We had chosen the profession of capturing moments because we understand the value of your emotions. Everyone wishes to preserve their precious memories so that they can enjoy watching a bit afterwards. This is why we guarantee your fast and secure turnaround. We also offer digital copies.

4.Feel free from Financial Strain

We know that you have spent a major portion of your earnings on the wedding. This is the reason why we offer you the most affordable wedding videographer Brisbane yet impressive photographers and videographers for weddings.

5. Reliable

Once you made your bookings, you need not worry. We will handle all the occasions and by the end of the ceremonies, we will have all the footage of important events. You can rely on us for the best wedding experience.