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We believe that choosing a wedding videographer is one of the intense decisions when planning your wedding. We are very relaxed while filming to ensure the Bride, Groom, and all guests feel satisfactory in front of the camera! 



Great videography/photography is about the depth of feeling and not the depth of the field. Only true videography can understand the essence of capturing sweet moments. With over 10 years of experience, Panda Picture Films has emerged as the most trusted name in wedding videography around the Gold Coast.

Finding, capturing, and then documenting all true emotions are our job descriptions. You can take pride in our creative storytelling that serves your loved one’s and cherish them for generations. Nowadays, people don’t trust words but, they will trust our pictures. We believe that if our pictures are not good enough then we were not close enough. This makes us your first choice wedding videographer.

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Why Choose Us

A wedding is an important day of our life and watching the ceremony and hearing our vows clearly on video makes us feel special. You can relive that moment and those speeches during the reception from your dear and near ones. To make your moments specialize, we are here to assist you. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose us.

Our Motion Tells A Different Story: -

As professional videographers, you can find us on every bride and groom’s must-haves. We will record all the moments and movements. Our focus always remains to capture the first look. Preserving the motion and expression of the grooms are priceless.

The unseen moments: -

We can capture the moments that you might miss. But, our video camera will be proactive in recording those valuable happenings. It is considered that wedding videographers have an extra set of eyes for you. Due to the busy wedding ceremony, you will miss some spicy moments, but you can still enjoy them later on. All thanks to our video camera. Those moments will bring you a smile and cherish your heart.

You Can Even Share “The Day” Moments: -

Every family member can’t attend your special day. Especially for grandma, other family members who stay across the borders or even friends you can not share your joy on the same day. That is where video comes in. We can help grandma enjoys all the spotlight from her comfort. Moreover, we can even share the video clips of the full wedding ceremony. It will be like they all were present there by that time.

Budget-Friendly: -

We don’t rush for money as we were busy all day collecting your awesome moments. So, don’t worry about the cost of hiring a wedding videographer. We are available under your budget.

Professionalism: -

The special moment comes once a lifetime so we make sure to deliver you the best. While some memories are bound to fade over the years, we can still collect them. All we need is our video camera and we are all set. We will make your day special with our professionalism.